Customized courses

Our goal : the success of your training course.
We guarantee:

  • A personal interview before the course to analyse the demand and define the goals and needs of each participant.
  • A free language assessment
  • Language immersion programs of high quality and experimented and graduated teachers.
  • A follow-up throughout the training and further guidance
  • A warm welcome, a pleasant atmosphere and trustworthy relationships
  • A certificate of training and skills after training
  • A pedagogy based on the Common european framework of reference for languages (CEFR), elaborated by the Council of Europe to allow mutual recognition of language qualifications :                 Elementary user  -  A1 :  Preliminary    /   A2 :  Waystage   
                                                                Indipendent user - B1 : Threshold      /    B2 :  Communicator 
                                                                Experienced user - C1 :  Expert             /    C2 :  Mastery

Active and Communicative Methodology

You will work on exercises and projects based on various situations you find in real life. Therefore, original true documents (press releases, essays, songs, advertisments, audio documents...) will help you to work on the 6 following languages skills:
        - Oral comprehension
        - Written comprehension
        - Written composition
        - Interactive written composition (emails)
        - Oral expression (presentation)
        - Oral interactive expression (discussion)